Tuesday 140107



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Ring Dips

Today the coaches will work on ring supports, the dip, and incorporating the kip.

If you’re already square on ring dips and kips, then complete:

3 unbroken sets of ring dips.




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21 – 15 – 9

Deadlift 225#/155#

Handstand Push-ups

10:00 cap on this today!

Compare to: 2/2/12, 3/26/12, 8/27/12,  10/29/12, 2/4/13, 6/12/13





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PFA’s newest Captain! Gino had his official promotion ceremony on Thursday. This is a big deal, and we’re really proud of him. Please congratulate him when you see him!!

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You may have noticed the big black rectangle painted on the wall just inside the front door. This is actually chalkboard paint. On our New Years Eve post, we talked about you guys thinking of a goal or two for 2014 related to CrossFit and your fitness. We understand most of you will have several goals for the coming year related to family, work, hobbies, as well as CrossFit. They’re all important, but being that this is your CrossFit gym, we want to keep the goals that go up on that board related to your fitness!

In the coming weeks, please write your name with a goal next to it. Something that you really want to achieve, but something that won’t come easy. Something that will take focused work on your part. This will allow your friends to help keep you accountable. If your friends know what your goal is, they’ll also be able to help you reach it. Remember, goals need to be as specific as possible, and they have to be measurable so you know when you accomplish it! On the bookshelf is a cup with some chalk-ink markers. Please use these for the board. As a side note, although the kids of the gym are really artistic as shown by the graffiti on the walls and boxes, please don’t let them write on the chalk board. This is for athletes only. Fill that board up folks!

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