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Front Squats

10 @ 60%

10 @ 65%

8 @ 70%

8 @ 75%




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Complete 6 rounds for time of:

8 Ring dips

10 Box jumps, 24″/20″

12 Overhead Lunges, 95#/65# (alternate legs)




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Winter weather means lots of rowing. Is it better or worse than running?

We really like when you guys come up with ways to provide a service to the CrossFit community. We’ve had several blogs started by our athletes and even a couple of companies. Many of you know that Andrew, Luke, and Ashley have got something going. They asked if we could help spread the word, and we’re happy to do so. Here ya go:

Hello Evolve!

We are very excited to introduce you to Ascent Performance Products, your one stop shop for healthy, clean sports nutrition products and muscle recovery products to aide in reaching and maintaining your athletic goals.  Our mission is to offer you an easy to use website that will allow you to order all your clean, healthy sports nutrition products on one website.  Please take a peek at what we have to offer, from Recovery Protein to Omega 3 fish oils, and Grid Rollers to Nuun All Day endurance drinks.  You can count on us to ensure the research has been done, and nothing will be available on our site that is not in compliance with a clean, healthy lifestyle.  

For the remainder of the month we will be donating 20% of our proceeds to Ogar Stong to support Kevin’s recovery.  We will continue to make donations to charities, and keep Ascent Performance Products a philanthropic company.  Use coupon code “evolve10%” at checkout for a 10% discount.  Select delivery to Evolve during checkout, and your orders will be delivered on Friday.  In the future, your orders will arrive each Friday as long as your order is in by Thursday night.

We strongly encourage feedback, whether it’s good or bad so we can ensure our company suits your needs.  Please let us know if there are other products, flavors, or colors you would like to see in the future, and please let us know if you had a smooth transaction for your first order.  Again, your feedback is much appreciated! 

Best Regards, 

Luke McFetridge and Andrew Hoffmeyer, Owners 

Ashely Abeyta, Nutrition Specialist


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