Barbell Club – Week of January 27

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Welcome to the CrossFit Evolve Barbell Club strength page. Here we will publish a weekly template of strength and accessory work that will compliment the daily WOD including the programmed daily strength work. We developed this for those of you who do extra work during Open Gym but are concerned that what you come up with may impact your WODs later in the week. The weekly template found here is written in conjunction with the WOD programming so you’ll be able to do both without concern.

The weekly template will include percentage-based work, linear progressions, and will also incorporate Westside conjugate inspired dynamic effort work. You’ll also see plenty of oly complexes and accessory work. We hope you enjoy it, please give us feedback based on your experience!


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Week of January 27

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MONDAY – Heavy Day

Bench Press, 5 x 3

Power Snatch, work up to heavy 3s

Weighted Pull-ups, 3 sets

Reverse Hyper, 8 x 3 heavy weight.

TUESDAY – Light/Volume Day

Deadlift, 10 x 2 with bands

High Hang Clean, light weight. For this work on technique today. If you’re missing, you’re going way too heavy. 15 Minutes.

Good Mornings, 3 x 10 with a light weight

GHD Sit-ups, 3 x 10

THURSDAY – Light/Volume Day

Snatch Pulls, 5s. 15 Minutes.

S natch Grip Behind-the-Neck Push Press, 3s. 10 Minutes.

Front Squats w/ bottom pause. This will be singles. Squat down, hold the bottom position for 10 seconds, then bounce out. Complete 5 sets.

Reverse Hyper. 10 x 3 light weight.

FRIDAY – Heavy Day

Back Squat, 5 x 3

Press, 5 x 3

Bent Over Rows, 5 x 3. Keep the back flat on these. If have to move your torso down to meet the bar because you can’t pull high enough, it’s too heavy.




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