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Front Squat

8 x 2 @ 65% 1RM




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The Bear

Complete 5 rounds of:

7 Bear Complex + 50′ Bear Crawl

A few important notes for today:

The Bear Complex is 1 Clean + 1 Press + 1 Back Squat + 1 Press. A squat clean to a thruster is acceptable. A back squat into a behind the neck push-press is also acceptable. Don’t worry, the coach will go over this in detail so you’ll be squared away.

You choose the load you use for each round. You just have to change out within the 1:00 rest.

You will go through the complex 7 times before putting the bar down. 7 times through followed by the bear crawl will be 1 round.

Reps are touch and go on the ground.

If you break up the 7 complexes, 5 burpees will be done before you continue. You may rest with the bar in the front rack, on your back, or in your hip crease….just not the floor.




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Winter cap? Check. Sweet Barbell Club skull tee shirt? Check. Coffee? Check. Tybo’s ready to coach!

Check out this oly seminar from our friends at Alpine CrossFit!

This is your chance to get 8 HOURS of WORLD CLASS WEIGHTLIFTING INSTRUCTION for only $150!

We are honored and thrilled to be hosting the Enderton Strength Weightlifting Seminar at Alpine CrossFit on Saturday Jan 4th from 9:00am – 4:30pm.  This seminar is dedicated to teaching both the Snatch & Clean and Jerk. It is a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands on instruction. The Enderton Strength Seminar is for anyone regardless of their current abilities. Learn how to better your CrossFit game with this very specific Olympic Weightlifting oriented seminar.

Jared Enderton is an Internationally decorated 94kg Olympic Lifter who trains locally out the the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs with the National Team.  Jared’s best lifts are 157kg Snatch and 195kg Clean and Jerk.  He has qualified for the 2011 World University Games and his current goal is training for the 2016 Olympics.  Many of you saw him lift at our recent Holiday WL Meet where he put on a world class show with a 303kg total (143kg Snatch and 160kg C&J). Just YouTube or Google his name to see more…

Cost is only $150 ($125 for coaches and students) for a FULL DAY of coaching.  Registration link:

Visit our Events page for more details:

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