Saturday 131019

You guys may or may not know that the Saturday WOD is coach’s choice. It’s outside of our programming, and it allows that day’s coach to do things like team WODs, use odd objects like stones, tires, and sleds, and play with different rep schemes and time domains. Most of the time, the coach comes up with the WOD the night before. Believe it or not, sometimes the ideas for the WOD don’t come quickly.

At the time of the post, Jenna told me she’s still working on the details and will post the WOD at the gym in the morning. She did tell me I could pass this on to you: “tell them they’re in for a treat!” There ya go!

[rs-image img_url=”” link=”” alt=”Luke deadlift” width=”” height=”” type=”img-rounded” border=”default” new_win=”no” margin=”” pos=”center” wrap=”no”/]

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