Friday 130830



3 x 3

Same deal as the rest of the week, only less sets and reps. Based on that, you should be able to use close to 80 – 85% with no problem.


Complete 5 rounds for load of:

1:00 Overhead static hold

1:00 Front Squat static hold

Alternate between the 2 for each round. Change load as needed to maintain proper form and last the entire 60 seconds. More below…

Photo Jul 03, 6 34 05 AM
JoLynn showing the overhead position for today!

Today's WOD was inspired by CrossFit Football and The Outlaw Way's use of isometric holds in their programming. We learned the value of isometric holds first-hand at the Outlaw Training Camp, and we've presribed them to some of you to help work on some positional issues. Today we're going to spread the love far and wide to all of you!

For the overhead static hold, you'll press, push-press, or jerk the bar into the overhead position and you'll keep it locked out for 60 seconds. No big deal. As you fatigue, think about all the positional cues you've heard from us: stacked body position, active shoulders, push against the bar, etc. If you have a lousy overhead position, you'll quickly feel it today.

For the front squat static hold, you'll rack the bar, squat to the hole, and hold for 60 seconds. Use your normal front squat stance. Same as the overhead hold, think about the positional cues: high elbows, tall chest, weight on the heels, etc. All the stuff you know. As you get fatigued, go through the list in your head and make sure you're covering everything.

There will be a short amount of time in between the overhead and squat holds for you to adjust weight as needed. Load is secondary to solid positioning. You need to be able to hold the weight for 60 seconds. Don't continue to throw weight on there if your form sucks or if you can't last the 60 seconds!

Approach today with an open mind. We know this is a different type of WOD for us, but it will help you get better. Don't game this. Use your normal grip for the overhead hold. Don't take a wider stance for your front squats. Get in your normal positions and use this to get better!

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