Friday 130809


Push Jerk

8 x 3 @ 65% 1RM


Run 200m

Rest 1:00

Run 200m

Rest :45

Run 200m

Rest :30

Run 200m

Rest :15

Run 200m

Photo Jul 01, 6 57 18 PM
Yay running!

Speaking of running, there was some talk the other morning about endurance, how to balance training for endurance events while keeping up with CrossFit, and how to find the middle ground where you can excel at everything you try to do. The reality is that with the way we train, we can run a 10k, compete in an olympic lifting meet, and play a game of basketball with ease. We'll probably do pretty well at all of those events. However, if we want to excel at something, specifc, focused work has to be put in. If there's a triathlon you want to dominate, you have to swim, run and bike. There's not getting around it. Keeping up with your WODs will certainly help, but specialization in your training has to occur.

How do you do it? Check out CrossFit Endurance. These guys have been putting our fantastic endurance WODs for years. They operate under the same idea that putting in a crap-ton of long, slow, miles does nothing to improve your times but it does break down your body. You can select the sport you're training and follow the sport-specific WODs provided. You can do these endurance WOD in conjunction with your training at Evolve, just pay attention to your body and what it's telling you. Let us know if you play with these at all, we like to hear how it's going!

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