Thursday 130711


Max height box jump

See how high you can get!!!


Complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of:

1 Bar muscle-up

1 Wall climb

2 Bar muscle-ups

2 Wall climbs

3 Bar muscle-ups

3 Wall climbs…

Continue with the ladder untiil the 8 minutes is up.

Photo May 13, 5 50 19 PM
Mike's ready for the box jumps today!

We have a sign on the wall. Maybe you've seen it:

1. Range of Motion

2. Technique

3. Intensity

We refer to this sign when people first start with us. Sometimes we point to it with some of the more experienced folks to help remind them. For any movement, the first thing we need to master is the range of motion. If you can't squat below parallel with no weight, how low do you think you'll get with a bar and a handful of 45's on your back? So you've gottent the ROM down? Next comes technique. How can we make the movements more efficient? This takes time and consitent practice to develop, but it's worth it. If you have a bad motor pattern with 35#, do you really think it will get better with 55#? Finally comes intensity. This can be going fast, adding weight, or both. Until 1 and 2 are dialed in, there's no point in bringing up the intensity. If you do that too soon, it can have a negative consequence.

To illustrate this point, here's a quote by Brian McKenzie:

"Too much, too soon, too heavy, too intense, too long does not exist in terms of injury. These are variables that expose poor movement."

You first have to learn to move right. If you bring intensity before that, i.e. going heavy or going fast, at best you're just moving more weight or going faster with crappy form. At worst, you get injured. So, listen to your coaches, put the ego aside, and put a premium on how you're moving before you worry about how much load is on the bar. It may take some time, but the long term benefits are huge.


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