Friday 130712

Title Match Fight Gone Bad

Complete 5 rounds of max reps of:

1:00 Wall ball, 20#

1:00 Sumo-deadlift high-pulls, 75#

1:00 Box jump, 20"

1:00 Push press, 75#

1:00 Row (cals)

All weights and heights are the same for both guys and girls.

Photo May 13, 4 23 32 PM
Scott rocking the front squat. In the background, you can see Bennett giving the universal sign for "I'm choking" and Dan not really caring.

Kendra and Rob's blog Our Paleo Life if gaining quite a following! The reason why is the content is fantastic. Ever wonder if your food choices make the grade? Check out their Periodic Table of Paleo Food Staples. I understand this took lots of work by both Kendra and Rob to put this together. It's awesome! You can go to their website for a printable version of the table that includes a grocery list!

Periodic-Table-Of-Paleo-Food (1)

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