Friday 130705



10 x 2 @ 60% 1RM


Complete as many rounds as possible in 15:00 of:

30 Wall balls, 20#/14#

40 Sit-ups

50 Double-unders

Photo Jun 28, 6 54 39 AM
Carl rocking the overhead lunges. Outside. At 6 AM.

In Monday's post there was a link to an LA Times Article about how high carb meals cause you to crave carbs more. Back in February there was another article from the NY Times that made the rounds titled The Extraordinary Science of Junk Food. This is a long article, but totally worth your time. 

The Calton's, who authored Rich Food, Poor Food, did a post titled From The Bliss Point to The Breaking Point which dives into the details of the New York Times piece. Again, totally worth your time. I can tell you that much of this was news to me, though it makes complete sense. Here's the closing paragraph:

There is a plague among us that must be eradicated; it is no longer lurking in the shadows behind closed doors. It has been exposed through the brave words of Michael Moss and it is up to us to do something about it. Real change will start with you. So get out your flag of personal responsibility and start waving it. Step up and join the Rich Food Revolution, educate yourself and take control of your health through calculated action. This will not be a battle easily won, but it is a battle that must be fought if we are to save ourselves, and our children from the health conditions and diseases inflicted by the extraordinary science of addictive junk food.

Give the entire thing a read. As we like to say, knowledge is power, and you can use that power to your advantage!

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