Wednesday 130605


Hang power snatch

10 x 2 @ 50% of your snatch 1RM


Complete 4 rounds of time of:

5 Push press, 95#/65#

10 Front rack lunge, 95#/65# (alternate feet)

Run 200m

Photo Jun 03, 5 02 56 PM
Yep…Todd's shirt says Running Sucks. Perfect!

Do you guys remembers when Marcio went the the Olympic Bobsled Combine and then got to go to Lake Placid, and then got all beat up and bruised from crashing on the skeleton track? Well if that sounds fun, the Combine is coming back again. If you ask Marcio, he'll tell you it was one of the coolest things he's done. If you wanna give it a shot, here's the info provided by Mike H!

USA Bobsled and Skeleton Combine

July 20th, 2013

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, Colorado

10am to 2pm

Register for the Fort Collins Combine here!

Do you have what it takes to be our next champion?

Our bobsled athletes have a background in strength and power sports, while our skeleton athletes have diverse athletic backgrounds.  We work to develop strength and power with our athletes for the all-important push start before the sleds are navigated down the iced chute at speeds of 85 mph.

The Utah Olympic Park (UOP) in Park City, Utah and the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) in Lake Placid, NY have established a partnership with USA Bobsled & Skeleton in recruiting and developing America’s next Olympic athletes.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Submit your athlete resume below.

2. Take a combine test.  Click here for dates and watch a demonstration of the test here.

3.  Pass the combine: If you score at least 600 points in bobsled or 625 for skeleton, you may be invited to attend a recruitment camp.

Do you stack up against the best athletes in the world?  Click here for the Combine Test scoring table to find out what our elite athletes are scoring, and here for the testing protocol.




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