Tuesday 130611


Work up to a 1RM of the following complex in 15:00

1 Hang power snatch + 1 Hang snatch


Every minute on the minute complete the following:

Even minutes: love

Odd minutes: love

Photo May 16, 9 44 37 AM
Tyler slamming balls. Hahaha.

First we had the Goats on the Minute. 2 movements you didn't like for 20 minutes. It was well recieved, but we there was some talk about doing 2 things you suck at…how depressing. So then we went to Love/Hate. This time it was 20 minutes, one goat and one thing you really liked. More positive comments, but a common question was when's the Love/Love? Well here ya go. Today for 20 minutes you'll pick 2 movements you really like to do. These should be movements that make you happy when you see them in the WOD, movements that you crush every time they come up. As always, questions on reps and loads should be directed to your coach. Have fun! 

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