Monday 130603


Front squat

3 x 8 @ 55% 1RM


Complete for time:

Run 800m

100 Double-unders

Run 800m

Photo May 13, 5 48 22 PM
Jill's excited for summer!

We've had a pretty brutal 8 weeks of programming and now it's time for a little break. Not a week off, but a deload week. You'll see that the strength percentages this week will be backed off quite a bit. You'll also see that the WODs aren't super gnarly. If you've been consistent over the past 2 months, this will be welcomed with open arms! If you don't feel you could use this week, that means you haven't been getting in here enough.

It's important to back things off every so often. It gives your body and chance to recover, and your CNS a chance to chill out a little bit. As CrossFitters, it's hard to not go hard — that's what we do. To many of you, the thought of scaling load or reps or intensity from what you're used to is akin to talking bad about your mother. You're not having it. Luckily you have us here to do this for you! 

We're going to ask you guys to approach this week at about 80% intensity. For example, on the 800s today, find a nice moderate pace and keep it. This isn't a week off, it's just slowing down a little bit. Approach this week with an open mind, and if we see any of you throwing on a vest to get more out of one of these WODs, we're gonna have a talk!

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