Wednesday 130515


3 Position Snatch

Work up to a 1RM in 15:00


Complete for reps:

1:00 Max reps burpees

As many reps as possible in 5:00 of:

8 Overhead squats, 95#/65#

8 Pull-ups

8 Ring dips

1:00 Max reps of burpees

For this WOD, you'll do as many burpees as possible the first minute, then immediately work through the AMRAP for 5:00, and finish it off with another 1:00 of burpees.

Photo Jan 30, 9 51 14 AM
Tracee setting up!

It seems like I've been talking about the squat a lot lately. There's been a couple of 101s, and of course squating on Mondays has given the opportunity to talk a little bit about the importance of an awesome squat and how it translates to so many other things we do in the gym…and out of the gym. 

Kelly Starrett wrote a guest post on Mark's Daily Apple titled Movement as a Skill. In it he talks a bit about the importance of moving well and then goes into some detail on…you guessed it…the squat. He talks about the proper way to perform the movement, which should sound familiar to each of you! He also then offers some mobility suggestions if you have a hard time with the movement. A plus is some links to MobilityWOD for some extra work.

We've said it often: if you have range of motion and mobility issues, it's going to take some consistent extra work on your part to make things better. The time will be well spent!

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