Tuesday 130521



If you have them, complete 5 max unbroken sets with 1:00 between attempts.

For those working to get better at them we'll spend time fine-tuning some skills outisde of the WOD.


Complete 5 sets of the following complex:

3 Power cleans + 3 Front squats + 3 Push jerks

The bar shouldn't touch the ground during the complex with the exception of the touch-and-go power cleans. Add load each set and see how heavy you can get. There will be plenty of time to get the 5 sets done, so rest appropriately between.

Photo May 13, 7 25 57 PM
Trish working with Kendra looking on during oly night. On the top of the board Kendra wrote "Look here Trish." Great cue, and it worked.

Whole9 posted a link to a blog on Scientific American titled Dear American Consumers, Please Don't Start Eating Healthfully, Sincerely, The Food Industry. Take a few minutes to read this article. It has some great links as background and really sheds some light on the influence the food industry has on governement, how their marketing works, and the impact they have on the general public. There's a hint of sarcasm throughout, which you might pick up on. Great piece. Read it and share it.


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