Tuesday 130514


Run 800m

50 Wall ball, 20#/14#

Run 600m

35 Wall ball, 20#/14#

Run 400m

20 Wall ball, 20#/14#

Photo Mar 24, 10 36 48 AM
Yay wall balls!

During the nutrition talk the other day we got on the topic of fueling for your goals. The discussion centered around how fueling for someone who is trying to drop some weight and loose body fat will be different than someone who is hitting 2-a-days, participating in sport-specific training on days off from the gym, and/or has the goal of adding some weight.

It should seen pretty obvious, but sometimes it's not. Our nutrition should match up with our goals and our performance needs. Below is a cool video of a talk by John Welbourn (CrossFit FootballPower AthleteTalk To Me Johnnie) He gave this talk Food for Performance at the Ancestral Health Symposium. In it, he hits on this topic. 


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