Thursday 130530


Clean and Jerk

Work up to a 1RM in 15:00


Complete for time:

Run 200m

30 Burpees

20 Wall ball, 20#/14#

10 Bar muscle-ups

20 Wall ball, 20#/14#

30 Burpees

Run 200m

Photo May 13, 5 49 36 PM
At full extension with a KB, Luke is over 9 feet tall. Fact.

This is the last week of school before summer break! Holla for the teachers, we'll see you during the day for a few months! For many of us, it means we'll have the kids in tow when heading to the gym. This is the perfect time for us to go over our expectations for kids in the gym. You've heard it all before, but it's a timely opportunity to remind everyone. This will also be a good time to sit down with your kids and go over what's expected of them when they come to the gym this summer!

During WODs, we ask that the kids are either in the kids area or sitting on the couch. They shouldn't be on the mats, running on the concrete, or behind the gym desk. This is for their safety. It also keeps them from getting into things they shouldn't. For example, we recently found that some of the kids went behind the desk and opened a box of business cards and proceeded to scribble and color on the majority of them. Not OK.

The equipment is for the athletes, not the kids. This means no climbing on the GHDs or aerodyne, not moving med balls or slam balls, swinging on rings, climbing on boxes, playing with KBs or dumbells, etc. The other day we found the majority of med balls and slam balls had been taken off the shelves and left on the floor during a WOD. Some of those slam balls weigh more than the kids do. Your child trying to take that off a shelf could really hurt them. 

If during the WOD or when the coach is trying to talk to the class your kid is freaking out, please go over and quiet them down. This is a huge distraction for the other athletes who pay good money to come in and get coached, as well as for the coach who's trying to provide important info. It's hard to focus when a kid (or a bunch of kids) are screaming in the background. Letting them cry it out in this situation isn't going to work.

If the kids aren't old enough to write their name legibly, don't give them a pen/sharpie/dry erase marker to keep them busy. If they can write their name but you know they're prone to writing on walls, don't give them one either! We have a lot of kid-style graffiti on the plyo boxes, on the walls, and on the desk. This is not OK. If you wouldn't let your kiddo play with a sharpie in the family room when sitting on the couch, then they shouldn't have one in the gym. If you do let them color the walls and furniture at your house, that's fine, but you'll need to explain to them that it's not OK at the gym!

Please don't let them have food in the gym. Many of you remember the ant infestation in the kids area. That's been resolved because you guys have been great about keeping the food out. We can still do better – I found a lolly pop stick stuck to a slam ball, and a few pieces of gum on the floor the past few weeks. Consider the fact that someone could step on that in their expensive oly shoes, or that one of the coaches will have to spend time scraping it up.

This may seem a little much to some of you, but these are issues that the coaches have to try and deal with on a daily basis, taking their focus away from their primary mission of coaching our athletes. We all have different boundaries for our kids and how we raise them, and that's great, but things need to be tight in the gym so we don't negatively impact other people's experiences as well as to keep the kids safe.

Gino and I completely understand the difficulties of having our kids in the gym, our kids have pretty much been raised in there. Lay down your expectations early and often, and stay on top of them, and it pretty much guarantees they'll be cool. If you have any questions or concerns, please get with either of us!  

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