Monday 130520


Back squat

Perform as many reps as possible at 55% 1RM.

For this, take a few sets to warm-up, throw 55% on the bar, and dig in.


Complete for time:

40 Ring dips

Run 400m

40 Pull-ups

Run 400m

40 Handstand push-ups

Run 400m

Photo May 16, 9 40 26 AM
Josh dropping knowledge!

With the folks that signed up last week, Saturday and Sundays Oly seminars are on, which is awesome! If you haven't signed up but still want to, you'll be able to throughout this week. Here's some info on the Bronze Seminar, which will be on Saturday:

More than just an Olympic weightlifting seminar company, Strength Specific Seminars is a brand. Born out of a backyard idea, Billy Bybee put down on paper (a fraction of) his ideas about the Olympic weightlifting movements, and sought an avenue to drive in which to drive them to as many CrossFitters as possible. For that he turned to his friend and co-founder Breyen Canfield. Within weeks, they had reached over a hundred CrossFitters from Wisconsin to California, with almost a 100% PR rate.

It wasn’t long to before word spread through the CrossFit world that Strength Specific Seminars was the best place to go to learn the snatch and clean and jerk. And since its inception in November of 2011, SSS has worked with everyone from competitive weightlifters to CrossFit Games champions, and Olympians to brand new CrossFitters who had never even touched a barbell for attending a seminar.

  • A full day of instruction breaking down and simplifying the complex theory of snatch and clean and jerk
  • Discussion of programming tips
  • Three e-mail submission codes for individualized video coaching
  • Follow up discussion on the finer points of the lifts with Strength Specific Seminars coaches
  • One Strength Specific Seminars t-shirt
  • Personalized Bronze Level certificate

This will be the second time Billy  and Breyen of Strength Specific Seminars have been to Evolve. Don't miss the chance to attend one of the most well known oly seminars directed for CrossFitters around. Plus, it's in your home gym. 

Register here under the Evolve banner. See you Saturday!


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