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High Bar Back Squat

8 x 3 @ 80% 1RM

These squats need to be to the bottom. Getting to parallel, or even just breaking parallel, is not going to work. Get low!!


Complete for time:

50 Shoulder-to-overhead, 95#/65#

Each time the bar hits the ground, complete 1 rope climb.

Photo Dec 07, 6 49 10 AM
Whitney D on the way up!

There was significant discussion at the Outlaw Training Camp we went to on the High Bar Back Squat versus the Low Bar Back Squat. This debate inspires passion in many, and in our opinion, they both have their place in your training because they both do different things for you. With the low bar back squat and some practice, you can move a lot of weight. With that bar position, you'll drive the hips way back and will thus be recruiting the hamstring and glutes. This is the squat style used in powerlifting, and it meets their goals. 

The high bar back squat keeps the torso more vertical. With time and practice, your torso should look essentially the same when performing the back squat, front squat, and overhead squat. This is the squat used in the sport of weightlifting because with this position, you're utilizing the squat to specifically become better at the snatch and clean. The reason we like it is because it also gets you better at common CF movements like the thruster and wall ball. The taller torso also has relevance to the KB swing, box jump, and countless other movements we see every day. As an added bonus, it will improve your oly lifts. Put simply, the high bar back squat has a lot of transferrence to the other movements we do. 

There's one important thing to keep in mind…to get all you can from the HBBS, you must squat all the way to the bottom with speed and catch the bounce. This is the stretch-shortening cycle. By hitting the bottom quickly and essentially bouncing out, you convert a ecccentric (stretching) action to a concentric (shortening) action immediately. Once this is mastered, it significantly assists you getting out of the bottom.

Today's the day to work on this. The ROM and bounce is way more important than the load. If you can't hit the bottom and bounce at 80%, lower the load and get the feel for it. Although it may not give you the number you're looking for today, it will pay dividends down the road!

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