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Run a 5k

Photo Apr 02, 10 18 04 AM
Strong midlines!

Yay 5k! The first time this was programmed this cycle it snowed. We moved it to another day. It snowed that day too. It's not going to snow today, so here we go. The 5k breeds a certain kind of bad feeling for many when it shows up. There's just something about it. Physically, it's really not that bad, but for whatever reason, it's loathed. Even more of a reason to come in today and do it. As athletes, we want to be good at everything. As important as it is to crush those shorter duration WODs that leave you lying on the floor, it's equally important to be able to sustain a longer duration monostructural WOD. You'll be surprised at how all of your hard work at those shorter, higher intensity workouts have prepared you for today. Besides, Memorial Day Murph is just a month away (more on that soon), it will be good to get some longer runs in before that!

Bring your running shoes, bring your tunes, and set a goal. It might be not walking. It might be to beat a certain time. Whatever it is, commit to doing it and be successful!

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