Tuesday 130129


Spend 10:00 at each of the following 4 stations:

1. Row 1000m followed by 3:00 max double-unders

2. Complete 4 rounds of:

Max reps back squat @ 1 x  body weight

3. Complete 3 rounds of:

10 Burpee pull-ups

20 Ball slams, 40#/30#

10 Box jumps, 30"/24"

4. Every minute on the minute for 7:00 complete:

Bear Crawl, 150'

You'll spend 10:00 at each of the stations. If you complete the work before the 10:00 is up, you can spend the rest of the time resting. If the 10:00 is up before you finish the work, you'll still move on to the next station.

Photo Jan 03, 10 55 54 AM
Cheri getting her air squat on!

Photo Jan 23, 8 10 49 PM
This bar is set up beautifully. The lifters feet will be on the platform, giving them a solid surface to push against, and once they PR and drop the weight, it will land on the black mats. Perfect!

Photo Jan 23, 8 10 27 PM
This set up is not so good. The feet will be on the mat, which is fine, but the weights are positioned on the platform. When the weight is dropped, no matter how gently, the bumpers will bounce, causing the concrete screws anchoring the platform to work their way loose.

Maybe you've noticed that the platforms that have been coming loose have been re-anchored. You can see from the number of drill holes that this has been a recurring issue for us. One of the things you guys can do to help us is to make sure that the only thing that goes on the platforms is feet. That's what they're made for! When bars are set up over the platform, the concrete screws are bounced loose or the heads sheared off, which causes the platforms to loosen up. The good thing is that if you like your feet on the black mats for the lifts rather than the platforms, you've got about 3,380 square feet available for that!

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