Monday 121217

Endurance Skills

Complete 8 Tabata Rounds (:20 work, :10 rest) of:

20-foot shuttle sprints


Power Clean Kalsu

Complete for time:

100 Power cleans, 80% 1RM

Every minute on the minute complete 5 burpees.

20:00 cap on this WOD.

Photo Dec 15, 4 45 10 PM
The Evolve fellas at Saturday's Oly Meet.

Photo Dec 15, 6 17 12 PM
Josh finishes first place for the 170# and under class!

Photo Dec 15, 6 21 24 PM
Erik finished first in the 207-231# class!

On Saturday some of the Evolve fellas threw down in the Alpine CrossFit Weightlifting Meet. This was a great event hosted by Robbie and his Alpine crew, and it went well for your Evolve buddies. You can see from the pictures above that Josh L and Erik both finished first in their weight classes. Simply awesome! Jorge finished the snatch at 225# but tweaked his shoulder in the process and smartly decided to not lift in the clean and jerk portion of the meet. Our good friends Tom Ashby and Ryan Hammack also finished first in their weight classes, so I shout out to them as well!

I can't tell you how proud I am of these guys. I've gotten the chance to watch them work on their lifts over the past several months, and to see it all come together at this meet was the best! These guys have been working their tails off dialing in their technique and getting stronger, all the while keeping up with their metcons, and all their hard work paid off. When you see these guys, congratulate them because they earned it!

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