Monday 120917



8 x 2 @ 75% 1RM. Rest 1:00 between sets.


Complete 7 rounds for time of:

5 Deficit Hanstand push-ups (45# plates w/ ab mat)

7 Burpee-over box jumps, 24"/18"

2 Rope climbs

For the burpee-over box jumps you will do a burpee on one side of the box, jump so your feet land on the top of the box, and jump off the other side. No clap is needed and you don't need to open your hips while on top of the box.

Photo Sep 14, 9 47 18 AM
Jenna L setting up!

Here's a public service announcement from your coaches! The transition from summer to fall is always a fun time in the gym. Lots of people are back in town for school after a summer off and other folks leave their summer-time routines for a little more structure. We've had a bunch of new folks come our way and many WODs have been full, or close to it. It's been a blast!

But like always, we've had our share of folks who sign up for WODs and then don't show up. This causes problems because people will check out MBO and see the WOD they'd like to hit looks full, so they change their plans and hit another time or worse yet, decide not to come. We understand that sometimes things happen, but with our fancy phones and wi-fi everywhere in town, it only takes a minute to take your name off the list. Please try to help us out with this! As always let Gino or I know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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  1. spaced on the strength poortin today as I was trying to squeeze in my wod with my 5Y/o son playing in the garage. Little disappointed in my time. Felt like I should of gone faster, but I’m horribly slow on the toes 2 bar :/WOD as Rx’d: 11:02.10joey

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