Monday 120827



21 – 15 – 9

Deadlifts, 225#/145#

Handstand Push-ups

Compare to 2/2/12, 3/26/12.

This week will be a week of benchmark WODs. With that, we'll get warmed-up with a focus on the WOD and we'll give plently of time to get warmed up with the load and movements of the day. We want maximal effort on these WODs so there won't be a skill or strength this week. Give it what you got!

Photo Aug 26, 7 31 32 PM
Congrats to Jenna who finished 9th, Ryan who finished 11th, and Jeff who finished 21st at the FRCF Colorado Open this weekend. Way to go you guys, we're way proud of you!!!

Photo Jul 05, 6 24 08 PM

Our friend and athlete Kellie is moving down to Denver for a new job. We're excited for her new opportunity, and at the same time we're sad because we'll miss having her great attitude and hard working self in the afternoon WODs!

We'll be having a get together to send Kellie off proper at Old Chicago's Old Town tomorrow night, Tuesday, at 7pm. There will still be Oly at 7pm Tuesday, we'll just get there a little late but we'll have worked up an appetite! Hope to see everyone there!

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  1. Great job Jenna, Ryan & Jeff!!! You all are Awesome!!
    And Kellie!!!! We’re going to miss you:(. So sad u are leaving us, BUT I’m super excited for your new opportunity!! Good luck to you!

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