Friday 120824

Powerlift Total

Back Squat, 1 rep

Bench Press, 1 rep

Deadlift, 1 rep

This will be performed just like the CF Total, where you'll work up to a 1RM of squat, followed by the bench, and finally the deadlift. Compare to 6/29/12.

Photo Aug 21, 6 27 23 AM
Ali doing TGUs with a slam ball, or as was pointed out, practicing rhythmic gymnastics.

Today we conclude an 8 week wave of programming with the powerlift total, the same workout that we started it with. It's always exciting for us on these days because we get some tangible data to let us know if the goals of the programming were accomplished. This is where we get to geek out!

Over the past 8 weeks you guys have lifted heavy, you've lifted fast, you've hit WODs that were programmed on the heavy side, and you've had the mental aspect of your game challenged. Today we get to see the results!

Here's what we need from you guys today. First, we need you to get in a few minutes early and start getting warm. Today we'll be working up to a 1RM for 3 lifts in one hour. Many of you will set new PRs. This will be a lot of work to accomplish in an hour, so get warm so we can spend as much time on the lifts as possible. Second, come in with the right mindset. Be ready to get the work done. Be aggressive and get after the lifts. They're going to be heavy, there's just no other way to say it. Often times it will feel like it takes 30 seconds to make the lift. Be prepared for it, and be ready to keep at it and not give up. Finally, have fun with it. It's fun to go heavy, and it's Friday, so get after it!

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