Wednesday 120718


Deadlifts + bands

Work up to a 5 rep max in 20 minutes


Run 1:00, rest 50 seconds

Run 1:00, rest 40 seconds

Run 1:00, rest 30 seconds

Run 1:00, rest 20 seconds

Run 1:00, rest 10 seconds

Run 1:00, rest 20 seconds

Run 1:00, rest 30 seconds

Run 1:00, rest 40 seconds

Run 1:00

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Juli's Kitchen SInk Hash

I'm going to share a recipe with you guys that I made recently. You can find the whole thing here: Juli's Kitchen Sink Hash on PaleOMG. I first heard about this recipe from someone I work with. He had worked a shift at another station with our own Craig G. He raved about this meal Craig whipped up so I called him and asked what it was. He told me all the ingredients and then told me it was from Juli's site. So I made it without looking at her recipe. And I missed out on the mushrooms, which sucks because I really like mushrooms.

I've had a few folks ask me over the last few weeks about eating and how to prep meals when you're life is too hectic to cook every night. A good way to do it is to commit 2 hours of the weekend to prepping and cooking 3 or 4 meals. Make plenty so you have it for easy lunches and dinners during the week. This meal is a great one because it's quick to make and you can double it and have plenty for the entire week. To save time and because I can be really lazy, I also used 2 rotisserie chickens for this recipe because they're super easy. Thanks Craig and thanks Juli!

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