Wednesday 120711



10 x 3 @ 60% 1RM

There will be a 13:00 cap to complete the strength work today.


Row 1000m

Photo Jun 27, 6 44 50 PM
AO shows his approval!

On Friday the 2012 CrossFit Games gets underway in California. Over the 3 days, the best men and women of all the Regions will come together and throw down. Many of the individual, masters, and team workouts have been announced and will include a variety of things: cleans, split snatches, rope climbs, sprints, throwing med balls, among others. Some of the events will be showed live on ESPN3 so if you're one of those folks who have the super premium gold package on the ol' satelite TV, you might have some of your friends knocking on the door. If not, you can keep up with the action through the live scoring and updates on the games site, and live streaming here (here's to hoping it works this year!).

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  1. I’m sure you all know this already but it as announced Monday that the individuals’ first event would be today! And it aint pretty….

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