Wednesday 120704

Happy 4th of July!!!


Back Squat

12 x 2 @ 55% 1RM + bands

15:00 time cap


21 – 15 – 9

Front Squat, 165#/115#



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Chad, one of Evolve's newest. Welcome Chad!

The Cats out of the Bag!!!!

Alright, so we had our first taste of the mental training that was mentioned at the start of the programing. There are only a select few that truly enjoy running. I am not one of them, but I force myself to run because I suck at it. I try and sign up for a few races a year to give me something to work towards, but like my buddy Dustin Hampton says, “it doesn’t matter if you run 1 mile or 50, it all sucks!” Fitting coming from a man who ran 200 miles?

We often find that when we post running WOD’s the class numbers drop like the stock market as soon as the post hits the website. That’s not cool. The Spartan code states that we must fear our workouts, but it says nothing about running from them (no pun intended). I know most of you are like
me, if I am running I need my iPod or if you are like my wife you need your chap stick! Doing something without your creature comforts is good. It shows you that you can perform these tasks without them, that you can work free of the confines of those distractions. Maybe instead of music you can find peace by enjoying your surroundings or get lost in your own thoughts. Crazy I know.
Chris Spealer spoke of this at my Level 1 cert. He talked about his need to have his LuLu lemon shorts, iPod, Chuck Taylors, and no shirt when he works out. However, he forces himself to train without them, because we may never know when we may have to perform in that ideal situation and the need to break the mental attachment to things that are not necessary.

You came in yesterday thinking that you were doing the all time classic “Cindy” and you ran a 5k. It may not have been fun but you did it and that is what counts. You didn’t walk out the door, or did you?

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  1. For me it worked out well… I love running! However, bring OH squats and I would force myself to “embrace the suck”!

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