Tuesday 120717


Get inverted: handstands, handstand holds, handstand walks


8:00 3 Position clean @ 45% 1RM

8:00 3 Position clean @ 55% 1RM

8:00 3 Position clean @ 65 % 1RM


Congratulations to Hali and Wade as well as Grandma Ali on the birth of Logan, weighing in at 9 pounds, 8 ounces. As Wade said "I think he kipped out of Hali!" Congratulations guys!

If you're really paying attention to your suroundings you may have noticed a little revamping of the jump ropes. Gino put a lot of love into this project so be sure to let him know how awesome he did! We now have 3 sizes of ropes and they're color-coded. The green are 7 feet, the red are 8 feet, and the white are 9 feet.

The racks are color-coded so you can hang the rope where it belongs:

Photo Jul 16, 7 20 31 AM

The ropes are color coded as well with tape on the handle:

Photo Jul 16, 7 21 42 AM

So when you're done, hang the rope with the color that matches. Pretty fancy, right?

We removed the screwdrivers used to adjust the length of the ropes. From now on we ask that the ropes stay the length they are. It will keep them in much better condition and let them last longer. We also ask that you don't tie knots in them to adjust their length, put tape on them to mark the center, or any other personal touches.

If you want a rope that fits you perfectly or that you want to customize with tape or knots on the end, you can get a speed rope from Molly at JumpNRope for $25. If that's too pricey, you can grab one from Rogue Fitness for $15 or from Again Faster for $13.95. Pretty cheap for your own perfectly sized rope, plus the oppotunity to practice double-unders is pretty much priceless!

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  1. Oh yeah!!! Congratulation Hali, Wade, Evan & Ali:). What a sweetie!!
    And awesome color coded jump ropes- clever:)

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