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The second pull a.k.a the hip scoop


3 Position Snatch

Work up to a max within 20 minutes!

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Kevin, racked and ready!

3 Position Lifts

Today we will be maxing out at the 3 position Snatch. Most of you have done this as drills and warm ups for O lifts. I have been using this for volume and strength work for myself and I have enjoyed the results. My clean technique is not good. I struggle to deliver the velocity and power at the top of the second pull with that movement more so than I do with the Snatch. 3 position work helps with
this. It allows the athlete to focus on the finishing end of the second pull going into the 3rd.

The three positions as most of you know will be the floor, the hang (knee), and the high hang. Depending on your comfort with the movement you can change the order of the positions. Newer athletes will want to start high and work low. As they progress through the 3 positions and start to fatigue they are dropping lower with each position getting a longer power stroke.

More advanced athletes can choose to start low and work high. This will have the opposite effect. The lift will generally be easier from the floor and get harder as they work up. That’s good. All the power comes at the top and with this pattern we will learn to add velocity and power to the bar with less hip movement and under a more fatigued state.

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