Saturday 120714

Swim WOD! Todays WOD will look something like this:

Swimming Skills/ Drills

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WOD (in partners)

Movements you can expect to see today in addition to the obvious swimming:

Wall balls, 20#/14#

Walking lunges


Pool muscle-ups (see this video for a demo of pool muscle-ups)

Bear crawls

Partner burpees

Please note: all movements, including swimming, are scaleable. At the deepest point the pool is 6 feet deep and v-ups/burpees will be completed in the grass. If athletes have goggles and caps they are highly encouraged to bring them to the WOD. The main purpose of the WOD is to increase athlete comfort in the water by working on stroke technique and breathing. 

Today's WOD will be at Paragon Point Pool, 1113 Paragon Place. This is just south of Southridge Greens Golf Course on Lemay between Harmony and Trilby. The map is below!

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