Monday 120730


Push press

12 x 3 @ 60% 1RM. 15:00 time cap.


Death by 10 Meters

Run 10m the 1st minute

Run 20m the 2nd minute

Run 30m the 3rd minute….

Cap is at 30:00.

Compare to 5/25/10 and 3/28/11

Photo Jul 06, 10 01 31 AM
Tracee's got hops!

Who was at the gym on Friday morning?! It was quite a day in there. We had 9 folks come in for the 9am and 2 folks come in for the Open Gym at 11am. However, the 10am was full with 15. And almost 10 more folks showed up trying to get their workout. Unfortunately that math doesn't quite work!

We require you guys to sign up for workouts and cap our WODs at 15 people for 2 reasons. The first is safety…yours and your friends. The gym is big, but it gets small quickly when heavy barbells are being put overhead, kettlebells are being swung, and med balls are being thrown. The second reason we cap the WOD at 15 is quality. It's important to us, and hopefully important to you, that we provide you the coaching you expect and deserve. We've had smaller groups, and we've had larger groups, and over the years we've come to the conclusion that 15 is the largest number we can hang with.

On occasion, the stars align and a WOD is full. We use MBO to constantly monitor this and can tell you that WODs aren't full all that often, but it does happen. They may sometimes show full, but often times folks are signed up and don't show up, skewing what MBO shows (that's an issue for another post!). On the occasion that the WOD you want to go to is full, we ask you to be flexible and hit another time. We have 6 WODs a day plus an open gym time where you can get yours. We know this can be an inconvenience, but for us todo things they way we feel they need to be done, it has to be that way.

What can you do? Sign up early for WODs. If you know your schedule, sign up earlier than one hour before. If you decide last minute that you want to hit a WOD, understand that by waiting until the last minute, the WOD may be filled up. In this case, look at another time (did I mention the other 5 WOD times or the open gym times?). If you haven't signed up or bothered to look at MBO, you can take a chance and just come in hoping that the WOD isn't full. However, if it is, understand that the folks who signed up get the priority, regardless if you get there before them.

Thanks for your understanding. Please let Gino or I know if you have any questions!


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