Wednesday 120606


Run 800m

8 Squat cleans, 155#/95#

Run 600m

15 Squat cleans, 115#75#

Run 400m

21 Squat cleans, 95#/65#

Photo Mar 09, 9 29 02 AM
Dollie sets up!

Tosh 1
Light on…

Tosh 2
…lights off.

Did you happen to see the new Tosh.0 the other night? It looks like Reebok might be branching out by spreading their sponsorship dollars to Tosh. And why not, Tosh is awesome. In the beginning of the last episode he showed off the sweet shoes you see above, which are called Reebok Atmos Ex-O-Fit Hi SG Galexies. Yes, Ex-O-Fit. I'm fairly certain that if you wore these shoes, cinched the velcro really, really tight, and turned off the lights, you would PR whatever the hell it was that you were doing that day.

The word on the street is that Rich Froning already has his custom pair ready for the Games next month and he just posted a 47-second Fran wearing them. I hope Reebok requires all the people competing wear these simply to level the playing field, otherwise it won't be fair!

Get your own Ex-O-Fit Hi SG Galexies here!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday 120606”

  1. Haha! I love that you posted something from Tosh.O. That show is hilarious, and the shoes are obviously for an elite athlete, so I’m going to hold off on ordering them until I can do every movement as prescribed.

  2. I can’t wait! I still have a long ways to go on my muscle ups but this was the first cfissrot video I ever watched and I loved it! In fact, I watched it about one year ago this week. Haven’t looked back since. I wanna be a Nasty Girl!

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