Thursday 120607


Kips if you're doing Cindy, Pistols if you're doing Mary


Today, you choose what you're going to do:


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats



As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Handstand Push-ups

10 Pistols (alternate legs)

15 Pull-ups

Cindy: Compare to 1/21/11, 4/4/11, 11/15/11

Mary: Compare to 6/14/10, 3/4/11

Photo Feb 11, 9 23 36 AM

"You gotta think like a bumblebee." This is what Gino told me recently. I was telling him about the goal I had for a 1RM back squat, but lamented that even though I'm improving, the load always feels so damn heavy that the goal seems pretty much unattainable. "You gotta think like a bumblebee."

I asked him what that meant and he told me about a CrossFit Journal article by Ben Burgeron, owner of CrossFit New England. He learned as a triathlete of a saying: "think like a bumble bee and train like a racehorse." The think like a bumblebee goes like this: Bumblebees have huge bodies and little wings and fly with tremendous speed and agility. NASA looked toward the bumblebee and thought that they could engineer weapons and jets to replicate the bumblebee. Guess what they learned? The bumblebee can't fly. The physics don't work. It's impossible.

As Ben puts it "But here's the interesting part: No one told the bumblebee it can't fly, so it goes right on flying. It flies even though the smartest people on Earth doubt it can."

So the next time the bar is bending from the load on it and you're shooting for that new PR, or any goal that you feel is unattainable, go ahead and think like a bumblebee!

2 thoughts on “Thursday 120607”

  1. Hey Frank,Firstly, I just want to say I’m new to your videos and that I did this woorkut y-day after doing YEARS of Isolation woorkuts (and of course they just weren’t doing it for me!) and I feel incredible! I never got that feeling with isolation movements so thank you firstly for making me realise this.2) Do you recommend to do that every day for i.e., 5 days, OR every other day i.e., monday, rest, wednesday3) It’s so short, this woorkut is incredibley valuable to my life. THANK YOU

  2. I’m still wasted from that WOD. Teamed up with the mahcine Lando! He carried me to the end, thank you. We used 30lb plate for lunges, and he had the 20 me the 16 for wall balls. I subbed the row for the run. We got to round 2 100 wall balls.As well had my first black coffee for the Paleo challenge today!

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