Monday 120618


Kettlebell snatch



21 – 15 – 9

Clean, 135#/95#

Ring dips

Compare to: 8/12/10, 7/8/11, 1/3/12

Photo Jan 04, 9 34 08 AM
Garry ready to go!

A big congratulations to the Evolve crew who competed in the Alpine CrossFit Legends competition! The Evolve bunch represented, as always! Here's how it shook out:

Nick – 3rd (29 and under)

Bennet – 36th (29 and under)

David T – 3rd (40-49)

Wendy T – 3rd (40-49)

A special shout to our friend Ashby who finished 7th and Jon Moffit who is back from the Air Force and finished 10th. Solid work!

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