Monday 120611


Row 500m for time


21 – 15 – 9

Overhead Squats

Handstand Push-ups

Photo Jan 02, 6 34 06 PM
Dusty with elbows high!

We always try to help our folks where we can when they have a cause close to their hearts. Kendra's friend has started Sierra's Race Against Meningitis. On Tuesday they are hosting a free vaccination clinic. Here's the info:

WHERE – Crossroads Church in Loveland, 5420 North Taft Avenue

WHEN – Tuesday June 12th, 4 to 7 PM

WHO – Ages 2 – 55 years old

Additional info can be found on the website above or at


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  1. Evolve ladies make sure you email me at what size tank top you might want. Jon and I are trying to make sure we stock enough of the right sizes. Thanks ladies! We will let you know when the order is in.

  2. >my worst was probably juipmng over kids in a bmx bike. we setup a ramp and kids laid down after the end. we got up to 7 kids before my 70 year old grandma called my dad and that was that. nobody got crushed on the bike not clearing the kids, but i never wanted to be #7 on the lineup

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