Wednesday 120530


Bench Press

6 x 3 @ 70% 1RM

Rest no more than :60 between sets


Complete for max distance covered in 20 minutes:

Run w/ slam ball, 40#/30#

Every minute, stop running and complete 5 ball slams

Run course will be the 200m lap.

Photo Apr 25, 6 50 45 PM
AO going to work!

Summertime is a great time in the box. It's a time of transition with folks leaving for the summer or to start new careers other places, and at the same time lots of new faces start to show up. One of the best things about our box, and one of the things people always comment on, is how great our community is. We always hear about how friendly everyone is, and how welcome people feel whether they're visiting for the weekend from another box, or whether they're just getting started.

Think back to the time when you first walked through those doors. There were folks dropping weights, loud angry music on the radio (or maybe Justin Beiber depending on who's coaching which can be even scarier), walls painted black, people talking about snatching, deadlifting, thrusters, and lots of other things you'd never heard of. It takes a lot to walk into the gym let alone to try and immerse yourself into a group of folks that already have a bond with one another. So keep doing what you've always done – when you see a new face, introduce yourself and make them feel welcome. Remember how you felt those first few weeks, and hopefully you can remember others helping you through those early times. Now it's your turn to do that for somebody!

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  1. Slaughter/Nicole I am in. Gasser is stumbling dianctse from my house. But then again so is Manhattan Sharkeez.Don’t let the Wagner Name fool you, there is Irish in there. I just have to grow the beard to prove it.

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