Wednesday 120523


Weighted pull-ups

5 – 5 – 3 – 3 - 1 – 1 – 1


Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:

20 Snatches, 50% 1RM

30 Push Jerks, weight used for snatch

40 Deadlifts, weight used for snatch

Photo Apr 07, 9 49 27 AM
Josh standing tall!

Today we have some weighted pull-ups. We've also seen some strict pull-ups lately. What's the deal? Well, Ryan and I learned a great deal at the CF gymnastics cert we attended. One of the big take-home themes is that as CrossFitters we can sometimes replace strength with momentum. How many of you can rip out a sequence of kipping pull-ups but struggle to get just a few strict pull-ups? It happens. If you remember Gino talking about strength as a cup that holds our skills, you'll recall that when we get stronger, our cup gets bigger and we increase our ability to achieve competence at the high-skill movements we love. Following that logic, if we get stronger by working on strict, weighted pull-ups, it will not only make us stronger overall, it will increase our ability to rep out some sweet butterfly-dolphin-kick-hollow-position-gymnastics-kipping-hips-to-bar pull-ups no problem. And that would be cool. So today, focuson keeping that tight, hollow position, pull with those big ol' muscles of your back, and get that chin ABOVE the bar. Nose to bar don't count!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 120523”

  1. Max Effort Front Squat185/205/225/245/265Weighted Pullups30x3/50×1/60×1/65x1F(couldn’t get chin over bar)Row 500M1:43 (damper 4)1:39 (damper 6)Mike L.Max Effort Front Squat95/105/115/125F/120FKristie (Samy she isn’t scared).

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