Tuesday 120522




Complete for time:

3 Rope climbs

7 rounds of:

7 Strict press, 50% 1RM

7 Ball slams, 40#/30#

7 Wall ball, 20#/14#

Then 3 rope climbs

Today we have a pain sandwhich…yum. Start with 3 rope climbs, 7 rounds in between, finish with 3 rope climbs. Bring your knee socks.

Photo May 05, 12 25 50 PM

Have trouble getting your hips into it? Is your pull a little weak or it comes a little early?Is your snatch not up to par? Maybe you need to jerk more? Get your mind out of the gutter, we're talking about your olympic lifts. Oly night is tonight (Tuesday) at 7 pm. We've been getting great feedback from the folks who are hitting it regularly. The oly lifts are tough, there's a lot of technique and skill that go into them. We have the best coaches around, but the fact is that when you take a lift like the snatch, put it in a 5 round WOD with some burpees and wall balls, it's extremely hard to focus on technique. Oly night is a skills and drills setting where we use light loads and focus on dialing things in. This is not a WOD. So come out tonight and get your fix. Be sure to sign up in MBO. See you there!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday 120522”

  1. Jeanine – Big Chris was really hard, but a good wukoort. Big Chris, I hope you were able to make it to the 5:00 class to do your WOD and that you were able to finish it. You know, self-completion. Ooops did I cross the line again?

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