Thursday 120531


For 8 minutes, sprint 100m on the minute. Rest is the time between finishing the sprint and the next minute.


Tabata Row

Complete 8 rounds of :20 work, :10 seconds rest. The goal is to reach 1000m within the 8 rounds. Do 1 burpee for every 5 meters short of the 1000. For example, if after the 8 rounds you rowed a total of 960 meters, you would complete 8 burpees. Row hard.

Photo Mar 09, 9 28 23 AM
Kadie getting those elbows high!

We're excited to announce that starting on June 4th, we're going to offer open gym time for the summer. We've heard from many of you that this would be something you'd like to see, so here you go! The open gym time will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am to 12pm.

Here's a couple of things for you to know about the open gym time:

This is an opportunity to come in and catch a WOD you missed, hit that day's WOD, work on mobility, get some skill work in, or work on some strength.

There will be a coach there during the open gym. However, this won't be run like a normal WOD. There will be no group warm-up, buy in, skill session, or anything that you see during the normal WODs.

Come in with a plan. The coach who is there will not come up with a cool WOD for you to do. It's up to the athlete to know what they want to work on and to come in and get it done. However, the coaches will be more than happy to lend assistance and answer questions where needed.

You can start your work any time within that hour. However, please be sure to be finished and have your equipment put away by 12 pm. Please respect the coach's time and be wrapped up with your work, including mobility, by noon.

Please be sure to sign-up for the open gym time in MBO just as you would for a normal WOD.

We're super excited to get this going! We feel like this is another opportunity for you guys to get what you need, so we hope you'll take advantage of it. We love and need your feedback, so please hit Gino or I up with any questions or comments!



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  1. Jesus – When I break my neck and die from walking haadstnnds I want you to take my ashes and mix them in with the chalk. This way I can haunt Patty forever

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