Thursday 120510


Push Press

Work up to a 1RM in 15:00


Run 200m

Rest :30

Run 400m

Rest :30

Run 600m

Rest :30

Run 800m

Rest :30

Max reps Hanstand Push-ups

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Hard to tell, but that's Kate flying!

Today we have the push-press as the strength. The push press is a fanstastic way to get a heavy load overhead. Unlike it's strict cousin the press, the push-press allows you to use the power from a dip and drive to help get the load locked out overhead. Here's a couple of things to keep in mind today:

When pulling the bar out of the racks, be sure to let it rest on the deltoids. Don't try to hold the weight in your hands away from the body. If you do this, you'll limit the load you can use.

Your feet should be in your driving position. Think about how you set your feel for your oly lifts. This is where the power is, this is where you want to be. Don't set up for a squat.

Take a big breath and keep everything tight. Tension the system!

During the dip and drive, stay on your heels and be agressive! This isn't a slow descent with a pause at the bottom. This is an agressive snap.

Keep your torso vertical. Resist the urge to drive the hips back like you were squating.

Be patient. Be sure to let your hips fully open and knees straighten and then drive the bar overhead. Pressing early is inefficient, being patient is awesome.

Move your face back to allow the bar to pass, then push your head back through.

Lock out the elbows and keep those shoulders active.

Once you're done, walk over the PR board and write in today's new 1RM.


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