Wednesday 120404


Rope climbs



Complete 5 rounds of:

Body weight bench press, max reps

Strict pull-ups, max reps

Photo Apr 03, 10 42 48 AM
Mobility looks diffent to everybody. Sometimes it's rolling out the hamstrings as Brandi is, sometimes it's lying on the floor with your legs crossed next to a couple of lax balls like Jeff. Point is, do it if it feels good…or even if it doesn't!

You may have noticed that today's WOD doesn't say "for time". We'll be doing this for max reps at each movement each round, not time, so rest accordingly! We've talked before about how lousy CrossFitters are when doing a WOD where time isn't a component. We're so used to racing the clock (and each other) that we can sometimes neglect resting enough between sets, which can lead to a sub-par performance. Take your time today and use the time the coach has allocated to Lynne to put up some big numbers each round.

Another thing you may have noticed is the pull-ups are strict today. The WOD Lynne doesn't usually specify that the pull-ups are strict, but that's how we'll roll today. This will be a great opportunity to work on getting the pull-up stronger without the aid of the kip!


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  1. I hear ya, Jeff!! Every time I am laying on a lax ball, closing my eyes breathing through the pain of it, Kimberly asks me, “Are you sleeping?”. 🙂

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