Tuesday 120501


Handstand push-ups


Complete for time:

Row 400m

Run 400m

Rest 5 minutes, then

Complete a set of max unbroken reps of back squat, 80% body weight

Photo Apr 19, 11 03 34 AM
Dollie getting inverted!

Photo Apr 27, 12 50 26 PM

Photo Apr 28, 11 05 32 AM

Photo Apr 28, 11 05 41 AM
Those pictures above are awesome, aren't they? Unfortunately those are some close-ups of the kids area. Yes, those black specs are ants. We've been dealing with the kiddos and food issues for quite some time and we've addressed those issues individually as they came up. Unfortunately the photos above were taken over a few different days during the last week, so the issue persists. Not pictured are the numerous pieces of gum that had to be scraped off the floor of the kids area, as well as the gym floor. It has become such a common occurrence that even with constant cleaning by the coaches, we're still coming across this. From what we've seen we feel this is a problem that's not limited to just one or two kiddos, it's across the board.

We're asking that you no longer give your kids food, gum, or candy in the gym. We understand that this may be tough for some of you, but it's the only way we can get a handle on the problem. What's been going on simply can't continue. If you come to the gym during snack time, please have them eat it before they come in. You can show up early and have a nice picnic on the front sidewalk if you like, but the food needs to stay out. If we see the kids with food, we're going to have to ask you to take the food away or bring them outside to eat. We hate to have conversations like that when we'd rather be providing you and your friends the coaching you deserve, so it would be really great if you don't put us in that position.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Please bring your questions or concerns to Gino or myself. Thanks for understanding.

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  1. Jessica, they were definitely a pcrfeet weekend breakfast. We finished them all and probably would have eaten more if I had made them! Salad oil is pretty much any type of oil that you would use to dress a salad- olive, vegetable, canola, sunflower ect. We used oil but I’m sure that substituting the applesauce tastes just as good. Let me know if you try them!

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