Thursday 120426


Row 250m

Rest 3:00

Row 500m

As with the runs on Tuesday, these are all-out efforts. Go for it and record your times for each!


15 Burpee Broad Jump for max distance

There is not time component to this WOD, we'll be measuring total distance covered over the 15 jumps. For the jump to count, you have to stick the landing.

Photo Apr 18, 6 16 47 AM
Marie ready for takeoff!

Below is a video of Chad Vaughn with a 175 kg clean and jerk at the 2010 Arnold Classic. First in real time, then in super slow motion. Watch it. More than once. Think about the cues you've heard over and over again and watch him hit them. How much work do you think it takes to have a C&J look like this, regardless of load? It takes a lot of time and practice to get the oly lifts down. We know that sometimes frustration can set in, and we get it. Be patient, keep working with a focus on technique rather than load, and you will improve!


2 thoughts on “Thursday 120426”

  1. I did my first Half Ironman race using only Crossfit and Crossfit endurance tranniig on 9/18. My time was a significant improvement over last year and I did better in all three sports compared to 2010. It wasn’t my 70.3 PR, but this course was a lot tougher than the one I set my PR on. Overall, I was very pleased with the result. Still need to tweak my nutrition though. I didn’t have as much energy left for the run as I wanted.1.2 Mile Swim: 39:01 (PR)56 Mile Bike: 3:23 (The course was almost all hills)13.1 Mile Run: 1:58Total Time: 6:06:50 (38th out of 87 in Age Group; Overall 245 out of 713 Entries)Special Shout Out to Elizabeth Koch at Crossfit Springfield.. She took 5th place in her age group on her first 70.3 race! She also used Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance to train for the race and she killed it!

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