Tuesday 120320


Handstand push ups and the kip


Complete for time:

25 Handstand push-ups

50 Toes-to-bar

Run 800m

75 Push press, 75#/55#

150 Double-unders

Photo Feb 11, 9 49 21 AM
Barnaby hard at work, as always!

A post from Gino….

What a week!

We finished up 12.4 and Evolve celebrated 2 years of blood sweat, tears, and cheers! Jon asked me to write up something this week for our anniversary and I was late (as usual) getting it done. Sometimes it is hard formulate words to describe your feelings for something of true value and worth. I saw something on Saturday that embodied those feelings, our values and what we wanted Evolve to be. I asked this athlete if I could tell this story.

A few of us who could not make it on Sun met at the gym late Sat to do 12.4. One of those athletes has been with us for about 8 months now. This athlete had no prior experience with CrossFit before coming to us. When we run individuals through their introductory sessions we see a wide spectrum of skill and comfort levels with the movements. With this athlete, just about everything was foreign to him. His squat was limited to a quarter of the depth and we could not get him into a deadlift position with the bar on the floor. We prescribed scaling options and range of motion adjustments that we had never used before with any other athlete. Really because we had not had an athlete with that much limitation in mobility and strength in the hips, legs and back.

I am not even sure at that time if he realized just how much work and commitment it was going to take for him to overcome these issues. Most people in his shoes would have walked out the door and this thing called CrossFit would have been a short story told at cocktail parties where all they could say was, “yeah, I tried it!” Not this athlete. For the past 8 months he has worked endlessly to correct his weaknesses both at home and at the gym. Putting up with weird range of motion correction techniques, using light weight, and doing thinks completely different than the rest of his class. This can easily make people feel isolated and separated from the rest of the class, but he left his pride at the door. At times he would get frustrated but we kept telling him, “give it time, it will work,” and he never gave up.

We see a lot of athletes coming in early or staying late to work on skills and weaknesses, but this guy more than most. He has been on a mission and it was paying off. He was always in the gym never making EXCUSES, approached everything with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, having FAITH in the coaches and LISTENING to every bit of instruction they offered. Every day, as coaches, we would see improvement. Not major jumps, but steady improvement.

A full depth squat seemed as far away as the moon for this guy, so when I showed up on Sat to run these athletes through 12.4, I got to be honest with you (and I told him this afterwards), I was worried if we were going to get 1 rep on the wall balls. We worked on some things during his warm up, the clock was set, the ball at his feet and 3…2…1 he was off! I sat there judging him and watched him do 111 perfect squats. To say I was INSPIRED is an understatement!

Before the Saturday morning WOD I gave a small talk on LEADERSHIP (from our Goal Setting Seminar) for the class. This athlete represents everything a leader has by his ability to have a positive attitude, strong work ethic, ability to sacrifice, humility, courage, honesty and someone who doesn’t believe in the impossible. Through his ability to lead himself he is leading others around him, including myself. How much courage does it take to enter the CrossFit Open with just 8 months under your belt and knowing that (at present time) you have difficulty with full range of motion? More courage than I will ever have and thank you Barnaby Kirshner for showing me the athlete that I hope to become.

This story embodies why Jon and I wanted to open Evolve, moments just like this. The experiences that we have had and shared with you all have exceeded our greatest expectations and have left us humbled and filled our lives with joy. We can’t thank you all enough. All Jon and I did was give it an address and a website, you all have made it EVOVE! Thank you for making our dream come true.

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  1. I remember working with Barnaby on the 9/11 WOD. I can’t quite remember the WOD specifics but there were lots of Olympic lifting-type movements and LOTS of them. Barnaby not only did not give up…but he also listened to every cue I gave him and made a galiant effort to adjust the movement. Believing in himself he has moved some big mountains…I can learn from that strength…thank you for the post and thank you Barnaby for fighting so hard!!

  2. Gene and Jon…..i know I speak lots of us when I say, “THANK YOU FOR OPENING EVOLVE AND FOREVER CHANGING ALL OUR LIVES!”
    Yeah Barnaby! I think of you always smiling. Amazing story. 🙂

  3. It has been such an inspiration to see the improvement and dedication that you have displayed Barnaby. You have come such a long way in such a short time. (Although, I cannot believe it has been 8 months already.) The heart and determination that you showed running that final 400m the other day was powerful. Keep it up, it will only get better.

  4. It really was an awesome thing to watch! Thank you Barnaby for your positive attitude, your willingness to never give up and the awesome energy you bring to Evolve. So VERY proud of you!!! You took a huge risk and it paid off in every one of those 111 reps:). So glad I was there to witness! And I agree with you, this place is like therapy!!!

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