Monday 120326





21 – 15 – 9

Deadlift, 225#/155#

Handstand push-ups

Compare to 2/2/12, 3/8/11, and 5/3/11. The Open didn't give us the deads or HSPUs, so here you go!

Photo Mar 11, 10 42 03 AM
Trisha getting after toes-to-bars. Thems ninja feet!

We made it through another Open! Congratulations to everyone who participated, whether registered and competing or simply hitting the WODs on Thursdays! We need to send some thanks out to the coaches who were there more than usual to help get folks through, to the athletes who came in on Thursdays and Sundays to judge, and to the friends and families who came in to cheer on everyone. This is a long event and takes a lot from you guys to make it successful. Shar and Katie also deserve a huge thank you. They were both there for the majority of the workouts, including the random off-hour ones. They organized the score sheets, rounded up the judges, and made sure things went smooth so we could focus on our own WODs. Thank you ladies!

Once the leaderboard settles out and we know where everything stands, we'll be sure to share the results along with our thoughts on everything with you guys. Great job everyone!

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