Friday 120330



Complete 5 rounds for time of:

12 Deadlifts, 155#/110#

9 Hang power cleans, 155#/110#

6 Push jerks, 155#/110#

Compare to 6/14/11

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.

I wanted to wait a few days until the leaderboard settled down to talk about the Open. It was an exciting 5 weeks not only at Evolve but across the world, with something like 60,000+  people starting the Open with 12.1. That number dropped off as the weeks ticked by, but I think everyone would agree that the level of participation this year was crazy!

The Evolve crew represented. We have a tough region in the Southwest with a lot of well known names throwing down. This year we had remarkable performances by both the guys and the girls, and through Sunday night we had 2 athletes in the top 60: Gino and Jenna. We were all biting our nails and refreshing that leaderboard Sunday night to see how it turned out. At the end of it all, both Gino and Jenna finished 61st in the Region, missing going to the Regionals as individuals by 1 place, which if you do the math, only comes down to a few reps! It's tough to miss making it by 1 place, but as always both of them have had a positive attitude about how things ended up and are grateful to have done as well as they did. Way to go you guys!

The Evolve team finished 10th overall in our Region. That is an amazing accomplishment! If you recall, the team standings are based on the top 3 scores of the men and women in our gym each week. With that, don't quote me but I believe we had 9 different athletes contribute to the overall score. Awesome! We determined before the Open started that the team would be decided by everyone's final Open standings. For the men it will be Gino, Nick B, and Garcia. For the ladies it will be Jenna P, Kendra, and Brandi. The alternates will be Tybo and Kristine, who will step in if one of the men or women can't compete for any reason. When you see these guys, congratulate them and tell them to represent!

Reflecting back on the Open, the acomplishments of our firebreathers are truly amazing without a doubt. But I'm also taken back by the acomplishments that may not be reflected in a top 100 finish. The fact that for many of you, simply signing up and fighting through each week was a huge accomplishment. The fact that many of you were so far outside of your comfort zone by participating that you weren't sure if you would make it….but you did! The fact that athletes were doing things unscaled that they've never done before, simply because it was the Open WOD and they had no choice! We truly believe that competition like the Open is good for you. That pit in your stomach when you're waiting for the WOD to be announced, the butterflies when you realize that one (or two, or three) of your suckiest movements have been masterly crafted into a single AMRAP that you have to do tomorrow, the feeling of going "there" during the WOD – these are all good things! Good for the soul! When you face these challenges it gives you confidence both in and out of the gym. We're proud of you Evolve crew – all 55 of you who competed in the Open! Time to start training for 2013!!

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