Thursday 120223

CrossFit Open WOD 12.1

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:


This workout begins from the standing position. The Athlete will move from flat on the ground to touching an object with both hands that is 6 inches above their max reach. Score is total reps completed.

Check out the WOD 12.1 details here!

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Molly swinging away!

It's on! A couple of important things for you to keep in mind during the Open:

Open WODs will be offered on Thursday and Sunday (open competitors only this day). Be sure to make one of those days. Please sign up in MBO!

Please be sure to review the written ROM standards and watch the video describing each workout prior to coming in. These will be linked under the WOD on the Evolve page and can also be found on the CrossFit Games Site.

Once you complete the WOD, your judge will give you a card with your score. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY TO ENTER YOUR SCORE. We can't do this for you. Once you enter it, we will validate it on our end. In order to enter your score, simply Login to the games site. On the right hand side under the WORKOUTS header there's a link titled "Submit Workout 12.x Score". Easy!

Your workout score must be submitted by 6pm Colorado time each Sunday. Don't wait until the last minute…submit it as soon as you can following your WOD so we have time to validate it!

Remember, although this is a competition, this should be fun! Go into it with a positive attidude, have a good time, and go after it!







3 thoughts on “Thursday 120223”

  1. The CrossFit Open is upon us again! It is amazing how fast the year went by, and it feels like we were in the midst of competition not so long ago. Last year was the first year EVERYTHING was standardized in relation to the CrossFit competitions. This year it will follow a similar format, but it is bigger…much bigger.
    So while I have been doing my best to harass individuals in the gym on a regular basis about registering for the Open, I figured I would put my thoughts in writing to try and sway the remaining few I might have missed.
    In a perfect world I would LOVE to see EVERY one of our athletes register for the open.
    Unfortunately, just eavesdropping on conversations I have heard excuses ranging from “I am not good enough”, “I am too scared”, “I want to wait and get better”, “I will get my ::insert explicative here:: kicked” And I am here to tell you that those ARE NOT legit reasons to be held back…if anything, those are all good reasons TO REGISTER and be a part of the action.
    Yes it is a competition, yes it is scary, yes it will be tough, but CrossFit is YOUR SPORT. You do it on a daily basis, it is what you train for, YOU are a part of the community….why would you miss out on an opportunity to be a part of this event?
    The subtle and overlooked tagline for the Open this year is “Anyone can do it”…Let me emphasize the ANYONE part of that.
    It doesn’t say “Only fire-breathers can do it”, nor does it say “Only those with a sub 2min Fran time and 500# dead lift can do it”, it says ANYONE…that means RX’d or Scaled, open or masters, competitors or just-for-fun-ers…I ask again, why miss out on an opportunity like this to register, and be a part of the largest GLOBAL event YOUR SPORT has to offer?
    I challenge YOU to challenge yourself.
    Register for the open, do the workouts to the best of your ability (RX’d or not…both scores can be submitted), and be a part of something that is much bigger than yourself.
    Last year the Open proved to be an effective way for athletes to push their boundaries, reach new heights, and ultimately learn more about themselves.
    I would say the overall sentiment of athletes I spoke with last year that DID NOT register, regretted their decision a few weeks into the open.
    Do not be the one with regrets this year.
    The name of the game is measurable progress…it is what we do.
    The first WOD was released tonight…7 minutes of burpees…it doesn’t get much more functional than that…get on the ground, and get back up…moving your body weight over and over again….
    Take a second to think about that….at some point this week EVERY CROSSFIT ATHLETE IN THE WORLD that has tuned in to the Open will take 7 minutes out of their day to do burpees…and in the upcoming weeks will do whatever the remaining 4 WODs have to offer…call me a CrossFit Kool-Aid sippin hippie but to me, that is an amazing thought to fathom…and I have yet to find good reasons that should hold any of our athletes back from registering and being a part of it.
    Yes it is scary, yes it will be tough, but you won’t be doing it alone, and most of all…IT WILL BE FUN!
    Sunday is the deadline to register and join the Evolve team.
    We want maximum participation.
    Leave the excuses behind, and challenge yourself!

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