Monday 120206


Complete for time:

75 Curtis P's, 75#/55#

There are several variations of the Curtis P. Will will do it Mountain Athlete style! This is how the movement will look today:

1 Curtis P = Hang Squat Clean + Lunge Left + Lunge Right + Push Press


The Open starts on February 22nd…are you ready? If you haven't gotten yourself registered yet, then head over to the 2012 CrossFit Games Registration Page and get it done. Be sure to select CrossFit Evolve as your team. If you've already registered as an individual and haven't signed up to be on the Evolve team, be sure to do that so your WODs count for the box. We know there is some aprehension by many of you about being a part of the Open. As we've said, the Open WOD will be one of the regular Evolve WODs during the 5 weeks, so you're going to end up doing the work. You might as well sign up and get the chance to enter your score, get the opportunity to be a part of THE CrossFit event, and to step outside your comfort zone a little bit!

There are a couple of things you need to be aware of:

Athletes must join their team on the Games site prior to the close of the first Open workout (February 26) in order to compete for that team during the Regionals or Games.

Team members must be registered as individuals and select the same affiliate to join the team.

Don't wait until the Open has started, head over there now and take care of it. We're finalizing the plans for how the Open will be run at Evolve and we'll be giving you the details very soon so keep an eye out for that!

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