Wednesday 120104



Work up to a 1 rep max


Complete 3 rounds for time of:

7 Deadlifts, 245#/175#

20m shuttle sprint

This one is courtesy of our friends at CrossFit Eminence. This WOD is all about going fast. Go all out on this, don't hold back, and see what you can do!

Photo Jan 02, 6 22 31 PM
Kate getting some high elbow help from Alexis!

We love this time of year because you guys are reinvigorated! The first of the year always brings about a renewed committment to WODs, nutrition, mobility, fish oil, ice baths, stretching, skill work, and anything else you think will make you better. As you guys have seen, school is out, folks have vacation, and the daytime WODs are filled to the brim. It's a fun time to come in and WOD when the place is packed and the energy is high!

With that, here's a gentle reminder about using MindBody Online. When you want to hit a WOD, please sign up for it in MBO. If the WOD is full, sign up on the waitlist. As you know, we'll typically bump you folks in. But, please do a couple of things for us. If you're going to sign up for the waitlist and we bump you in, remove your name from any other WOD times you've signed up for. This will open up a spot for someone else and it helps us for planning. We also are seeing folks sign up for multiple WOD times in a day. Please only sign up for 1 WOD, and if you've signed up, come to it!

If you can't make it for some reason, please do your best to remove your name from the WOD. We know that things come up, and the occasional no-show is manageable, but we have many folks who are making this a habbit. We appreciate you guys, thanks for understanding!

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